We're Shining a New Light on

Connecting and Inspiring Women through our 

Diamond Connector Course + Starter Kit.

Let me help you to save time and money so you can begin making impact through my interactive and inspirational experience course + starter kit.


We're Shining a New Light on

Connecting and Inspiring Women through our 

Diamond Connector Course + Starter Kit.

Let me help you to save time and money so you can begin making impact through my interactive and inspirational experience course + starter kit.

In January 2019 , I launched my first #CRUCES CONNECT Experience in Las Cruces, NM. As a professional photographer and entrepreneur for nearly 20 years I was tired of boring networking events and leaving depleted after attending parties, events or gatherings. I felt that there must be a better way of connecting women. After moving 2000 miles to Las Cruces (the city of the crosses) in Aug 2018, I had a vision to connect women through inspirational and interactive 90 minute experiences.


I hosted my first interest social in September 2018 (only a month after moving to LC) and had 10 complete strangers show up. Since the first gathering we have connected more than 700 women within one year. Not to mention how many new followers we have gained on social media with our unique speed connecting method. We have created something very unique. Starting out with 10 women quickly led to 70+ women in attendance at our events with a small population of less than 104,000 . “We are transforming women’s lives and how we connect through everyday women sharing her extraordinary story. Storytelling leads to inspiration, empowerment and faster connections.” -Christy Jenkins


In January 2020 , right before the 1 year anniversary , I was interviewed by Patricia Maese at KTSM Channel 9 ElPaso* TV in January 2020. “I’m bringing back a simpler time of gathering around a table to share stories with a modern twist.” -Christy Jenkins .


VISION: to share a message that We are Made to Shine and equipping women leaders with tools, resources, support and a platform to host a CC:local experience in her home town.


PURPOSE: to connect and bless women in all facets of life


BELIEF: We are Diamonds and Diamonds are Made to SHINE! We SHINE Brightest when we CONNECT and face to a brighter future TOGETHER.


VALUES: we are called to be a light to shine the multi colors of God’s love on others. Matthew 5:14-16


This is the perfect platform for women entrepreneurs, coaches, organizers, speakers, leaders or connectors. We are transforming lives and the way women network | connect. You are a part of the solution!

Diamond Connector Kits to host #CC:Local is only available quarterly. We work on a quarterly timeline to insure that you have plenty of time to complete the Diamond Connector online course and group coaching, secure a venue and promote your experience.


+ CC:Local Registration opens on July 27.

Experience should be scheduled for October 2020 or early November 2020


Diamond Connector Starter Kit includes:


+ Diamond Connector Course , Group Coaching and Guide to learn how to secure a venue, storytellers, as well as my 4 C’s to a successful event: connect, create, collaborate and celebrate and much more)

+ 3 month access to our private Diamond Connector Online Community and Support - $699




Diamond Connector Starter Kit includes:

+ decorations with simple installation instructions and list of additional items needed (including quantity and links to simplify your process)

+ 90 min Event Time Flow Chart , Event Check off list

+ Marketing Material Digital Downloads

+ Online Portal, landing page , IG + FB group page to save you time

+ Your event will be added to our Calendar so guest can access outside of your network

+ easy online registration for your guest

+ Scripts to secure venue, sponsors and storytellers

+ Access to additional themed #CC Experience Kits , online support and community 30% OFF (offered quarterly)




Sign up TODAY for ONLY $499!

It will never be offered at this low price again! Registration is open July 27, 2020 and will not open again until November 2020 to host in February 2021.


Now is the PERFECT time to register to host a #CC:Local

Now, more than ever, women are craving creative ways to network and connect


You can not afford to miss this opportunity to

+ lead with your passion and purpose with an experience that is changing lives and the way women connect

+ get access to my Diamond Connector Online Course , Guide, Group Coaching and Diamond Connector Starter Kit


Save yourself a lot of time and energy and let us help you focus on sharing your light and love on others. We want to bless you as you lead women towards a brighter future!


I am so happy that you have opened your heart to connect, create, collaborate and celebrate! You are a chapter in my story and I am forever grateful. I am looking forward to making this a huge success for you and the women that attend. YOU are the vehicle to share more light and love in this world. Shine On Sister! We are making this world Shine Brighter TOGETHER you are leading the way with your passion and purpose!


Shine On Sister!

Together we will Rise + SHINE!


Christy Jenkins

Opportunity is calling women entrepreneurs, coaches, organizers, leaders , speakers and connectors to answer the call to leading with your passion to connect and impact women’s lives in a new way! It’s NOT just for women like Rachel Hollis, Jenna Kutcher, IF:Gathering , Jazmin Star and other inspirational speakers.



I will coach you how to host events that you will be able to share your message , a platform to help others share her message that will transform women’s lives and how we connect. 


+ No more boring networking events, leaving depleted after attending parties or thinking how do I get people to show up. This course is the POWER TOOL that you’ve been missing from your tool box of experience. 



Everyone starts with a vision but few have the resources and tools. You are reading this because you know there has to be a better way to network or share your message. Your passion has lead you here. Now it’s time to turn that passion into your purpose. Now more than ever, women are looking for a creative , inspirational and interactive experience and now is your time to take the next step to hosting your own powerful events! 



I have more than 20 years of hosting and organizing events and I’m now offering “The Diamond Connector Course”an online course and group coaching that will change the way you connect! This program will guide you ,step by step, on how to share your message, find women in your community that will help you expand your network, make impact, break some “out of date” rules and shine new light on connecting and inspiring women through my 4C’s method. This online course and downloadable guide is packed full of tools and resources to grow a stronger community by understanding how to help others shine, my 4 C’s to a successful event , resources, tools and much more. 



This course will save you time and money and will provide you with the launching pad to start making impact in your community and giving you a platform to share your message in a fun and creative way! 



This course is only offered 4 times a year!! The cart will be open for registration on July 27. 



BONUS: the first 20 that DM “waitlist” will get 

 +3 Month subscription to our group coaching page

 +Diamond Connector Starter Kit is complete with photo booth/ speakers backdrop decorations with installation directions , customizable marketing materials, downloadable social media prompts, FB Event script, event set up chart and time flow , food/drink quantities based on number of attendees, links to additional suggested items

+ access to register your upcoming event on our event calendar, #CC:Local 

+ Access to a #CC:Local FB page and IG Link with password to start promoting your event. 


Don’t waste another minute trying to find a topic, theme, content, decorations or spending a lot of money on “paid speakers, event organizers, venue, food or decorations”.  We've got you covered!


The Diamond Connector Guide + Starter Kit will make you look like an experienced event organize without having to spend the time and energy on creating the content. You can focus on connecting and inspiring women! 


I’m looking forward to watching you SHINE! 







I provide you coaching . resources , platform and a starter kit so you are ready to use what you have learn in a little as 3 months and not have the hassle with of getting you on the ground running with a transformational experience that will have women empowered, inspired , connected and organically creating a social media buzz during and after your event and looking forward to the next gathering.

You will get your initial investment back and then some with your very first experience.  Raise money for your local charity, fundraiser for your kids school or youth program,

Plus I'm 100% certain that you will have a successful event and will want access to the next Diamond Connector Kit, so by joining today you can add your second kit for ONLY $249! (this kit will be released in January) We've got you Sis!


Once you have completed your online course and group coaching we will ship you a Diamond Connector Starter kit within 4 weeks . FREE (valued at $499)



The Diamond Connector Course

“Connecting the multi facets of Women so we can shine brighter together"


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