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Celebrate Life

with us this Fall!

My Vision is for women across the US and beyond to host 11 women in her home in October ( pending COVID restrictions).

I will share everything that you need to make your gathering a huge success!  Plus this is a great platform to be creative and be inspired by others creativity.  If you don't think you're creative and this won't work for you...I'm here to prove you wrong. This is the genius of my method....we collaborate with others that will join our (group of 12) to help you decorate.  We'll discuss more about this on the inside.

color theme

conversation questions

same recipes

speed connecting method


Hiya Creative Connector,

Christy here!  I LOVE connecting, creating, collaborating and celebrating! I usually have a song in my head at all times, I like trying new recipes, being outdoors, hosting gatherings (small and large), I'm a creative thinker, I enjoy scrolling through Pinterest for ideas on DIY, crafts and recipes, I enjoy traveling, I was a professional photographer for 10 years, I have identical twin adult sons, happily married for nearly 30 years, I'm a seeker of light within us and around us and I'm feeling blessed that my path lead me to YOU!


Enough about me...


What do we have in COMMON?

What are you looking for right now in your LIFE?

Are you ready to IGNITE your FIRE and feed your CREATIVE and CONNECTING SOUL?

If you have two or more things in common with me then we'll probably become lifelong friends! My passion and purpose is to gather women to inspire, encourage and connect her with women that she was meant to meet, but would probably never met,  if I hadn't used my God given gift of hospitality.  Maybe you have been thinking that there must be a way to get women excited about gathering, sharing life, sisterhood. Now more than ever women need a space to CONNECT! We are called to SHINE on others , open our home and share a meal together.  We can no longer wait for "someone more qualified / experienced to do it"! YOU are the Light the world needs right now!

I believe that I have the inspiration to feed your creative connector soul!


I'm excited to be launching a #CONNECT CIRCLE Kit for the Creative Connector.  This kit makes it simple to host inspirational and interactive home parties.  Before I begin selling the kits for full price I want to test it out by offering a one time opportunity for you to ignite your creative and connecting self, give me feedback, brainstorm and save money. This is the exact method I have used for the last 20  years that has helped women across the US and England to build stronger connections that have led to lifetime friends and business leads.

  • belong to a creative + connecting sisterhood

  • a part of a nationwide launch

  • collaborate

  • create

  • a pinterest buddy or two ( a good reason to spend time there too)

  • host the perfect interactive small gathering with us in October

  • learn something new that will change the way you connect (host girls night in, brunches, small group networking, bunco or book club parties, bible study group gatherings, team building or leadership training for 12 women).

  • online support 3 months

  • color pallet theme for us to create a fun element to our gatherings

  • brainstorm creative ideas


Let’s get CREATIVE Together and start planning for a BRIGHTER TOMORROW! There is nothing in our way to be planning for the day when we can gather in our homes to CELEBRATE LIFE!



Now more than ever, we need to gather around the table to engage in meaningful conversation, to celebrate life, connect with our strengths, create a space for women to connect and be inspired and to collaborate with like minded women to make this world brighter than before. 


Saying YES to hosting a #CONNECT CIRCLE is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your creative soul and the 11 women that you want to connect, create, collaborate and celebrate!


If you are looking to join a creative connecting group that wants to start planning for a brighter tomorrow Register TODAY!


If you want to participate in the NATIONWIDE LAUNCH TEAM you must be willing to:


1) host a home group party of 12 (including you) in Oct (providing that COVID restrictions have been lifted)

2) follow the rules 

3) use the color theme provided 

4) be involved on the group page and answer a survey at the end

5) share your testimony after your successful party!


20 years of experience tells me that this is the opportunity you have been looking for. 


If you read this far...you have nothing to lose!! I’m setting you up to be a winner at hosting interactive connecting experiences! 


I have spent thousands of dollars and time creating this fool proof method.

I want it to be super affordable for YOU to belong to a fresh approach of connecting and shining light on others!

ONLY $49 - that's less than a tube of lipstick and mascara.  This is smudge proof and will last a lifetime!

Be the CHANGE you want to see in the WORLD!  Join us NOW! We NEED your LIGHT + LOVE!

Register TODAY.  Limited Spots available for NATIONWIDE LAUNCH TEAM!



Fashion Show + Networking Event  I organized

for Scout & Molly's Women's Boutique


We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.



Creative Connector

“I'm looking forward to getting my Connector Kit because I have always wanted to host an organized dinner party and have never been sure where to start. It's so important to make real-world connections with people, especially in this digital age. We truly have a wide degree of separation, despite feeling an artificial sense of familiarity via social media. There's no better connection than the ones we make face-to-face.”



Creative Connector

Oh boy, I'm excited about this opportunity. I've been to a couple of the Cruces Connect events that have been held here in Las Cruces, NM. Two of the shows I've participated one way or the other. I've seen Christy Jenkins in the process of creating these masterpieces of events. It's been so interesting to be a part of her thought process and how detailed she is. I don't expect any less of these kits. I LOVE LOVE LOVE parties (Oh I hope I used enough "Loves"). I love having people over, I love creating a nice ambiance and I love cooking, all of which are covered in this kit, yeah!


Creative Connector

I love the opportunity Christy has created for us. What an amazing way to use your gifts in a time where gatherings are not like they used to be and so needed right now. I truly believe we are coming into a time where women are going to find themselves and their voice. I am taking this chance to open up a space for women to gather and support one another in a powerful way. I've been to a few of the Cruces Connect events and if Christy can show me how to bring that vibe to my gatherings I'm all for it.



Creative Connector

I am super excited about this opportunity! I am a young business owner but recently I also became a mom which is a blessing but definitely changed my whole life including how I manage my business. It was very easy on my own putting together events which is something I love to do within my boutique but now it has definitely become a lot harder. I am honestly grateful for this because in a way it’s like having an event coordinator and still being able to continue networking in a very effective way, this is probably going to be a whole lot better than any event I’ve put together because of how well thought through it is



Creative Connector

Now, more than ever, women need more light and love and I choose to be the solution.



Creative Connector

Now, more than ever, women need more light and love and I choose to be the solution.


Creative Connector

Now, more than ever, women need more light and love and I choose to be the solution.



Creative Connector

Now, more than ever, women need more light and love and I choose to be the solution.

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