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#CRUCES CONNECT creates quarterly experience kits that are meant to be shared in a small group setting or large events to engage women in conversation, make her feel like a somebody, inspire her to try new things.

When we take time for ourselves we decide if we want to attend a gathering by asking ourselves will it:

  • be worth my time and money? or wish I was in my PJ's watching a rerun of my favorite show?

  • know anyone there? or feel like no one noticed me?

  • build my confidence? or feel depleted?

  • help me find new friends? or leave feeling lonely?

  • learn something that will benefit me? or hear the same thing I've heard before that I'm not interested in?

Do you see anything in this list about "Oh, I wonder how they are going to decorate this event? or will they be serving wine or food? " The average woman decides if she is going to "put herself out there" based on emotion (how she will feel). Most of the time when a women decides to try something for the first time is because she's curious. When we great with a warm smile and introduce her to a few potential friends she will begin to let her guard down and will think only about how you made her feel.  Think about a time you showed up to an event and left feeling depleted. Even an outgoing gal like me has felt left out, uninvited, alone at gatherings.  I want to be a friend to that gal. Don't you?


Women Leaders, Speakers, Organizers and Planners spend most of their time and money :

  • paying thousands of dollars on marketing

  • coming up with social media post

  • finding a venue that you have to pay top dollar 

  • spend time finding inspiration for the gathering

  • spend hundreds of dollars on decorations that may just take up space after the gathering (not to mention the time involved in putting up the decorations and taking them down)

If you are a leader then you know what I mean when I say "We give alot of ourselves when we lead and can feel overwhelmed or depleted when we have to "do it all" by ourselves." We NEED each other too!  We need the love and support of other leaders. I believe that #CRUCES CONNECT will fill up your cup to overflowing with inspiration, connection and resources so you can spend less time and money while you make new friends that will become sisters.

What women really need is YOU!

YOU need more time with your family.

FOCUS on what women really desire: authentic connection that leads to trust that leads to friendship.

It's easy to get caught up in making things beautiful...the things is...she wants to

  • be noticed

  • meet new potential friends

  • know that she is NOT ALONE!

Now more than ever, women CRAVE CONNECTION! We are hardwired to share moments with other women that we can call Sisters! Shared experiences is scientifically proven to bond people faster.

Whether you are a small group leader, motivational speaker, organizer or planner you need more time for YOU! I created #CRUCES CONNECT with a vision to spread more light and love on women by creating quarterly interactive experiences that gives you a platform to fulfill the desires of what women really CRAVE...CONNECTION.

If you are looking for


save time and money

belong to something bigger than yourself

a platform to bless and connect women with impact

Join our #CONNECT CIRCLE TODAY! See what a difference this effective (when used correctly) method and platform can impact and bless your community! If NOT you, who? I believe that we SHINE Brighter TOGETHER!

Shine On Sista,

Christy Jenkins

Visionary and Founder #CRUCES CONNECT

Matt 5:14-16



Christy has more than 20 years of experience organizing and planning bible study groups, mentor groups, hired to create interactive experiences for organization to large events for more than 100 women, while gathering input and observing women when I attended parties, small gatherings, networking events, church women's events and other large events. She has created a method and platform that will help you make more impact in your community with her customizable #CRUCES CONNECT Local Kits.

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