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Dancing Women

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Now, more than ever we need to be planning for a brighter future.  We need a place where we can gather to encourage, inspire and keep our passion set a blaze.  A sisterhood to belong to that can cheer you on and keep your light burning bright.


With our limitations to large gatherings it's important to stay connected with like minded women in the comfort of our homes. We are made to CRAVE CONNECTION.

Weather you are a stay at home mom, working mom, college student, retiree looking for inspiration and sisterhood or a woman entrepreneur that is looking for support , fellow entrepreneurs to cheer you on or simply want to expand your reach or somewhere in between, we offer an assortment of monthly subscriptions that fits any budget.

We SHINE Brighter TOGETHER! Join TODAY and see for yourself the #CRUCES CONNECT difference.

I hope to see you on the inside!

Light + Love,



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Creative Connector

“I'm looking forward to getting my Connector Kit because I have always wanted to host an organized dinner party and have never been sure where to start. It's so important to make real-world connections with people, especially in this digital age. We truly have a wide degree of separation, despite feeling an artificial sense of familiarity via social media. There's no better connection than the ones we make face-to-face.”



Creative Connector

Oh boy, I'm excited about this opportunity. I've been to a couple of the Cruces Connect events that have been held here in Las Cruces, NM. Two of the shows I've participated one way or the other. I've seen Christy Jenkins in the process of creating these masterpieces of events. It's been so interesting to be a part of her thought process and how detailed she is. I don't expect any less of these kits. I LOVE LOVE LOVE parties (Oh I hope I used enough "Loves"). I love having people over, I love creating a nice ambiance and I love cooking, all of which are covered in this kit, yeah!


Creative Connector

I love the opportunity Christy has created for us. What an amazing way to use your gifts in a time where gatherings are not like they used to be and so needed right now. I truly believe we are coming into a time where women are going to find themselves and their voice. I am taking this chance to open up a space for women to gather and support one another in a powerful way. I've been to a few of the Cruces Connect events and if Christy can show me how to bring that vibe to my gatherings I'm all for it.



Creative Connector

I am super excited about this opportunity! I am a young business owner but recently I also became a mom which is a blessing but definitely changed my whole life including how I manage my business. It was very easy on my own putting together events which is something I love to do within my boutique but now it has definitely become a lot harder. I am honestly grateful for this because in a way it’s like having an event coordinator and still being able to continue networking in a very effective way, this is probably going to be a whole lot better than any event I’ve put together because of how well thought through it is

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