"I'm the person I am today because a lady at a park asked me to join her for coffee. "

- Christy Jenkins

About Me

Hey Sister, I'm so glad you are here! I want to share a little about me and I hope I get an opportunity to get to know you soon!

Over the last 20 years I have:

  • Created thriving communities for organizations

  • Mentored and coached hundreds of women and tween/teen girls by helping her see potential in herself, brainstorm ideas, provided tools, resources and connected her to other women that can help her “level up”.

  • I have hosted over 100 events in the last 3 years

  •  I launched #CRUCES CONNECT “ 90 Minute Inspirational and Interactive Women’s Events” in January 2019 in Las Cruces, NM. We have impacted personal and business growth to more than 700 women. We have an average of 50 women in attendance because women are meeting their new best friend, cross promoting, being inspired, a platform to share her message, connecting prompts and collaborations.

  •  In February 2019, I was featured on El Paso, TX - KTSM 9 for making a difference in our local community.

  • My natural gifts are creative thinking and coaching, speaking, connecting , grassroots marketing and providing a platform to get you an audience.

Shine On Sista,

Christy Jenkins

Life is a journey and boy oh boy, let's just say, "I have gone the long road."  I'm grateful for the long road because it led me to YOU!

  • One person invited me on a journey

  • This journey led me on a path to women that saw something in me that I didn't see in myself

  • I discover my gifts of hospitality, speaking and singing and had a platform to practice them

  • I would be faced with a crossroads after moving thousands of miles away from where we called home.

  • One person invited me on a new journey

  • This journey led me on a path to become a leader

  • I used my gifts and talents that I had been practicing for a few years

  • I started to see the value of sisterhood

  • One of my sisters saw something in me that I didn't see in myself.

  • She shared with her friends about my gift of how I see the world through a camera lens and before I knew it I was making money doing something that I was naturally gifted doing.

  • I would be faced with another crossroads 3 years later.

  • This time when I moved, I felt lost. I tried to find sisterhood but couldn't seem to find the right fit. I felt rejected and all alone. This season found me depressed and frustrated.

  • The pathway was broken and the signs were unclear, I didn't understand the reason, why I was brought there...I had to walk through the fire.

  • One person saw something in me that I didn't see before...that ONE person was ME!  I didn't need others to validate me, wait for them to cheer me on, invite me to their gatherings. I became my own cheerleader and knew that I was famous in God's eyes. He had a plan and purpose for this path.
  • When I started believing that I was Made to SHINE and that I had the power to be the ONE to invite others on my journey people started to walk with me.  I didn't go looking for a place to belong , looking for scraps of others attention, rather a place that I could serve and make others feel welcome.
  • You see, the rejection was God's protection. I needed a season to receive and not give.

I want to be the ONE that helps you see your potential, guide and direct you on a path with the help of sisterhood. We are not meant to travel alone.  We are meant to lighten the burdens of others, help women ignite their passion, fan others flames. We SHINE brighter TOGETHER!

Check out my Virtual Sisterhood "She Just SHINES"!

In Light + Love,




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