Shall we dance? We’ll show you the steps

" We have created something very unique that attracts women looking to network or to be inspired. "


Hi Sister!  I'm creative, a seeker of light within us and around us, I see perfection in the imperfections, problem solver, optimistic, dreamer, doer, social event curator and most importantly a messenger that desires to SHINES more LIGHT + LOVE in this world. I believe that women are Diamonds and Diamonds are Made to Shine.


#CRUCES CONNECT is based on storytelling and shared experiences so I though I'd share mine.

In January 2019, I launched my first #CRUCES CONNECT Experience in Las Cruces, NM. As a professional photographer and entrepreneur for nearly 20 years I was tired of boring networking events, leaving depleted after attending parties, events or gatherings. I felt that there must be a better way of connecting women. After moving 2000 miles to Las Cruces (the city of the crosses) in August 2018, I had a vision to connect women, in all facets of life,  through 90 minute inspirational and interactive experiences.

I hosted my first interest social in September 2018 (only a month after moving to LC) and had 10 complete strangers show up. Since the first gathering we have connected more than 700+ women within a year. Beginning with a vision that led to 10 women interested that led to 50-70+ women in attendance at our events. Keep in mind Las Cruces is relatively small 104,000 people.


We are transforming women's lives and how we connect through ordinary women sharing her extraordinary story, shared experiences and speed connecting. I believe that Story telling leads to inspiration and faster connections and it's proven by science that a shared experience leads to lasting memories.


We have created something very unique that attracts women looking to network or to be inspired.

In January 2020, a week before our one year anniversary, I was interviewed by Patricia Maese at KTSM Channel 9 El Paso, TX. "I'm bringing back a simpler time of gathering around a table to share stories with a modern twist." - Christy

I want to share this message that LIGHT is needed to make you SHINE your brightest! I'm ready to share my method and platform with you to connect, inspire and impact your community! Imagine a dark room with one candle, I will ignite your light and you will ignite someone else and TOGETHER we will SHINE Brighter than one! 

#CRUCES CONNECT is a faith based platform that can be customized to best meet the needs of your community.  My vision to is sprinkle salt and light on others so they will come to know the Light of the World. #CRUCES CONNECT experiences do not include preaching, teaching scripture or prayers,  just "good old fashion" living as an example of Christ. We share His Light and Love through music, stories and items for purchase.

I know where my light comes from and want to let it SHINE!

In His Light + Love,