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Updated: Mar 31, 2019

Weird title, I know, but let me elaborate.

We all know what it means to grind. To get your work done, do your due diligence, focused on the movement of everyday, getting everything and then some of your responsibilities done. This grind can be done at home or at the workplace.

But what does it mean to develop a healthy grind?

Yes, there can be such a thing as too much grind. I only say this because if you focus too much on work and getting to that next level of promotion, you can miss the time to enjoy what you have worked for or put in the time to grow in.

● It's healthy to pause and reflect every once in a while. Take in all you have accomplished. It will recharge you with great energy.

● Put in time for self care. It's easy to grind so hard that time for yourself gets lost and potentially non-existent. This can stem from excessive work and the classic “burn out” that happens when the body comes physically and mentally is overworked. Make sure you don't get to that point, it's no fun!

● Moderation and balance is key.

● Spend some time being intentional in your relationships. It's easy to unknowingly depreciate those who support you and encourage you when you're focused on your work.

● Learn to grind in the areas that truly matter. Aka prioritize. Ask yourself things such as...What is going to progress you towards your life changing goals? What is most beneficial on your path vs. what is just extra that fluff?

● Realize that your grind won't always be the same in every season of your life.

● Learn to be okay with that.  

● Be grateful at what has become of your efforts and relish in those feelings…allow it to bring forth joy and of course ENJOY IT!

You are worthy of all the joy in the world.

Until next time, shine and healthily grind sistas ;)


Elise and Chelsea♥️

Cruces Connect

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