“Girl, don’t air out alllll that dirty laundry.” | #CRUCES CONNECT | Las Cruces, NM | Women

Girl don't air out alllll that dirty laundry.

Some things and instances in life are just for YOU.

In a world where social media and sharing your personal journey is trending. We want to remind you to remember the following:

1. Don't advertise before you're ready- It is definitely easy to fall into the band wagon where you are branding yourself so much as authentic and real that you forget that although transparency is important... there are moments and times in your life that are meant to be just yours. 2. Target the audience- Where is your journey relatable? Where will it spark connection? What is it that inspires you and something you want to serve others with? Find the intention behind your journey sharing and be confident in the relationships you want to build and maintain with your audience. It's best to do this before you let transparacy reveal itself to the outside world. 3. Moderation is key- Focus on those moments of transparency within your life growth, and practice differentiating them between a public share and a personal share. It's easy to be influenced in being public with your life these days but remember, balance is important in life. If you are transparent all the time, how will lifes lessons do it's work in your life to it's fullest potential if you move so swiftly to share it before you spent time with it?

4.The truth - Honest struggles. By no means do we hope for you not to share your life's broken and beautiful moments, but we want to kindly remind you…to allow boundaries within the world of being public. Understand personal branding limits, and to keep guard of your heart to a healthy degree.

At the end of the day you are still human. Your story is your story, and you must continue to be in sync with your lessons in order for the real and authentic work to do the job it was set out to do.

Remember: You are ever growing and nourishing your soul.

Stay true to YOU and be unapologetic for allowing your own journey to be YOURS. Do your best to withstand pressures of being public when some things are meant to be private.

Your intuition simply knows best.

We love you ladies!



Elise and Chelsea

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