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Yup, that's right… you need it, I need it, we all need it! It's so important to take time each week to focus solely on YOU. Giving yourself some TLC (tender love and care) each week will boost up those natural endorphins, pump up your patience, and high five your confidence. Self love is the best way to balance your mind, body, and soul. Making time this week and every week will surely help you ease through life with peace, love, and grace.

In previous posts we have mentioned taking time to take care of you.

This week we wanted to dive into self love and offer some great ways to provide yourself with some solid TLC without breaking the bank or going far from home.

Dive into a book

Take some time to unplug and dive into one of your favorite books or magazines. It's really nice to connect with yourself by using books to take your mind away from stress and worries of reality. It's relaxing and Inspiring to get lost In a book.


Sitting in silence for 10 minutes a day can help you let your thoughts wander right out of your head, Soon you can become clear minded and able to set your intentions for the day without the extra chatter of the outside world.


Sometimes taking time to turn on your favorite tunes and dance is the best way to boost your mood and truly brings you to live in the present  moment. It's giving yourself permission to so you and jam out, and it's awesome.

Draw yourself a bubble bath. Bring all the lovely smelling candles or incense you want into the bathroom. Pour yourself your favorite drink. Put on some music, maybe grab a good read, get in and enjoy. Relax. Let the day wash away. Good or bad. You're preparing for a new day tomorrow!

Try out some yoga!

Either sign up for a class or get down on a mat at home. There's many ‘Yogi’ instructors that post free yoga videos on YouTube. One of my favorites is @yogawithadrienne. Light a candle and arrive on the mat (or carpet) ready to be intentional with your body. Take a hike ;)

If you're more of an outdoorsy gal like myself (Elise here). Find the time or day to take a nice pleasant hike. Las Cruces is home to some beautiful hiking trails and scenic spots. Some of my personal favs are the Pine Tree Loop Trail at Aguirre Springs, Soledad Canyon, Sierra Vista Trail, and La Cueva. Take a walk through the beautiful mountains. I love being outside with nothing but nature surrounding me. It allows me to unwind, be intentional and present, get a good exercise in and soak in the beautiful sights. Essential Oils Did you know that one of the best, easiest and safest ways to reduce stress and calm your mind is through your nose? What?!

When you smell a certain scent it triggers an emotional response within your brain. A specific scent can not only allow your mind and body to relax. It also can help reduce inflammation, balance hormones, enhance digestion, improve energy levels, boost immunity, and induce healthy sleep patterns. They are known to improve performance and improve energy levels. And they are made from the essence of natural organic plants. Isn't that awesome!

Essential oils are essential!!

Add them to your shower, or unscented lotion. Another way to use them is: Find your favorite room in your house with some good natural lighting. Put one or more of favorite scents in either a diffuser or you can add a little drop to your wrists and temples of your face. Pick a book, sit down in your favorite chair and smell the aroma of relaxation!

Here are some of my favorite scents: Lavender - Great scent to help with stress relief. It aids in supporting the nervous system, reduce feelings of irritability, nervous tension, sleep troubles, and panic. Ylang Ylang - This sweet aroma calms the nervous system and relaxes the senses. Great to help you find courage, reduce anxiety, and find positivity. Great with Bergamot. Bergamot - Mix w/ lavender. It helps reduce stress, pulse rate and blood pressure. Lemon - Gentle and refreshing. Eucalyptus - Alleviates headaches, improves respiratory conditions, and helps with allergies. Get creative and experiment with blending the scents to see which ones you like and how they make you feel.

Have a wonderful week ladies!!

Let us know some of the ways you take care of yourself and if any of these tips helped you relax.


Elise and Chelsea

Diamond Directors

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