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Hi Sunday Soul Sisters

We hope everyone is having a great May so far!

This weeks matra is…

"I am capable."

First things first.

Find yourself a mirror.


Because we are going to practice a little mental pep talk for those days where life just seems to throw a bunch of curve balls that you may not seem or “feel” ready for.

Now, look yourself in the eyes 😍,

take a deep breath

and exhale these three words,

"I am capable"

"I am capable"

"I am capable.”

(Repeat this 3 times)

How did that make you feel?

. . .

Well you may ask what was the point of that exrcise?

And our reasoning is to tell you that,

“Y o u   a r e C A p a B L E!”

You are capable of getting through your “to dos” one by one. You are capable of building your strength. You are capable of getting right back up after a fall. You are capable of healing.

You are capable of understanding your patterns. You are capable of patience. You are capable of having peace.

. . .

You are capable of being loved and to give love.

. . .

You are capable of doing anything you desire to do.

. . .

No you may not exactly be like Super Woman or Wonder Woman with her awesome powers, but you do have a power within you that makes you strong enough for anything you encounter in life!

Don't take yourself and your capabilities for granted! Because you are worth the grind, worth the challenge and worth the time!

Keep pressing forward and reminding yourself that. . .

You are capable!

We are cheering you on and believe in you. Wishing you a wonderful week!

PS. Happy Mother's Day to all you amazing Mamas!!!!

Love always,

Elise and Chelsea ✨

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