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Hey Sunday Soul Sisters!🦋

It is our last week of our Mental Health Awareness mantras, and boy do we have some words for you!

"I am not defined by what other people say or think about me".

"I am not defined by what other people say or think about me".

"I am not defined by what other people say or think about me".

We will say it again and again to encourage you remember that!

After recently being reminded that bullying, entitlement, discrimination, and silly passive judgements are in our everyday lives in all different shapes and forms...we felt it was only fitting to share those words, followed by Elise's beautifully written essay (raw and authentic, straight out of her journal!) 🌻Lucky Duckies to all of us🦆! Hehe. Enjoy!

Words by Elise-

In a world full of opinions. Likes and dislikes. Yes' and no'. Trending or not. There are so many outlets in this world that give access to creating our own Identity.

I remember in middle school, jr. High, High school and in college I was told so many times in my life I wasn't this or that. I wasn't smart enough to pass that test. I wasn't pretty enough to wait tables. I was too timid. Too overweight. Too whatever someone thought!

Some people don't understand that words have impact and if you're not aware of your potential it's hard to see all that you're capable of. You'll feel like you've been placed somewhere in some category, in some box on top a shelf unaware of the opportunities that lie before you. You'll just focus on what has been said, done to you, and whatever else you say to yourself.

You see the world and so many people in it will try and label you based off your outside appearance, education, ethnicity, gender, career choices bank account, etc.

It will try and put you in a designated box of where you should be and who you should be.

And you yourself will even go along with it and put yourself in this box that limits your potential and ideals.

Individuals will place you in a limited box, and even get you to believe that's all you're capable of.

I've learned over the years that these limitations people assign you to are not your truths. We are more than what meets the eye. We are more than a first encounter. We are all on this journey of life becoming aware and growing into who we are. We are not meant to be placed in a limited mind thinking. We are meant to challenge ourselves.

For me I am not only a writer or photographer. I am many. I am also a great listener. I love to paint, play the piano, dance and sing. I am a great friend and a mighty encourager.

I know there is so much more within us than people see or say about us. It's sad to see so many people let others opinions define their own identity.

Listen, stop trying to be who you, and whatever everyone else thinks you should be and just become who you are. Don't give power to one person that isn't going to be in your later season. You are more than the label, box or belief.

Take time to reflect on all your strengths and the positive side of your perspective. You will find yourself finally being confident in your gifts, your talents and all your skill sets. Realizing your true potential and not identifying yourself as the world does.

You're already on this journey growing and learning about yourself. Why not challenge those boxes and break out of that limited mind thinking. Become aware of all that you are. And remember it's a process. Because you are many!

We aren't made to fit a box!


So live fully, laugh often, embrace the imperfection and rally for connection.

(P.s. Sorry for the length, if you read it all the way through, Dang girl! Thanks! I hope you enjoyed!😘...If you got only halfway through I'm still thankful, now go on and live yo life!)




Love Always,

Chelsea🌼 and Elise🌻

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