Let Faith Be Bigger Than Your Fear | Sunday Soul Revival | #CRUCESCONNECT | New Mexico



Complete trust or confidence in someone or something.



an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.

  Many times in life fear can come knocking on our door, barging through your door, or living within your space. Fear can stop you from taking a step forward, can burden your health, and overall ability to progress in life. The hesitation, the doubt, the excuses that surface in life are normally fear based and reminding you that you might fail. It’s a terrible feeling, no one likes to feel, but this week when fear decides to show up UNINVITED…. You can send it on its way with a few of these helpful practices:

1. Build up your strength in FAITH- Take a moment to get in touch with your faith. Whatever FAITH may be to you- say hello to it, reminisce on how far you have come because of  it and naturally you will feel a powerful gratitude for the faith you have had in your life. You will be reminded that faith is real, it is there to help you have the courage to be brave in this life.

2. Shoot down fear with positive affirmations of FAITH within yourself-When you know something you want to do, or achieve- but you hear excuses like “No, that’s not going to work”. “No, I am not ready”,  “No, you are not good enough”…. pause and reflect those feelings back with positive ones. “YES, I can make this work”. “YES, I can do this”, “YES, I am worthy” , etc.

3. Follow the line of fear- When you feel crippled by worries of the worst that could happen, follow your worries to the very end result of what you are fearing. For example: you are fearful of selling your new sketches online via Etsy. A) You think there is too much competition out there. B) You are afraid of what others will think. C) You think it won’t sell. D) You sell nothing….what happens to you? Nothing, you will be okay. Just realize your feeling of fear is normally worse than what would actually happen to you if your fears came true. This is an example of FAITH being bigger than your fear.

4. Create a Worry Jar- write on pieces of paper your fears, put them in the jar and let it go. This act is a good way to physically see the worries you are surrendering to your FAITH.

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