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Hi Super Sunday Lovelies!

How's it goin?!

We hope you all had a wonderful Father's Day last Sunday!

We are back and here with our last Support themed topic.

The Support of Letting Go.

Have you ever had an unsettling experience that made you feel a certain type of way where you just kept playing the situation over and over in your mind? Maybe you had an unpleasant encounter with someone? Or some situation at work left a weird impression on your day and you don't really know what to think of it?

We're right there with you girly!

Sometimes uneasy situations present themselves in our lives that cause us to render our control of our mind, body and Spirit over to it. It's not the best of times when that happens, but it's important to understand and become aware of the true caustye to our reactions to these situations.

In those instances we need to ask ourselves the hard questions that aren't always fun, but they are definitely important for our mental health.

Questions like why do I feel this way? What is the true reason why I letting this experience control my thoughts?

Usually when you ask yourself these questions you can get down to the true reasoning. And sometimes you're just left with mixed feelings.

That's where you need one of the most powerful supports in life of all… "Letting go".

More like the, "Art of Letting Go."

This continuous lesson touches on the support of letting things that are bothering you, that don't serve you, things that just drag you down... GO!

This art is a blessing in so many ways.

When you let go, you trust.

When you let go, you live in the present.

When you let go, the unveiling of purpose happens. When you allow a situation to just play itself out, give yourself grace to not overthink and overplay all those negative feelings. You're slowly gaining the courage and patience it takes to drag your spirit out of that muddy energy and be filled with confidence in the perspective that everything is going to be just fine.

You're waaaay too special to let unhealthy attachments to experiences, or allow others actions that may be toxic to your life have the power over you that it does.

You are made to shine!! You are not meant to harbor those feelings within you. Because the energy you take in will trickle out into every area of your life. As we practice in our CC connections that if we remember to let go of our preconceived notions of what others will think about us and allow the vulnerability of the unknown to take you "into the ring" as Brene Brown (An Amazing Author/Motivational Speaker) would say, and being perfectly imperfect.. you will be free.

Free to let go of previous negative situations and help you to see the good in every present situation. It changes from the lesson of you letting that experience go to letting good IN to your life.

The more good, the better the outlook and possibilities for connection. It's more fulfilling and happy that way not only in our relationships, but also our business life, social life and spiritual life.

Let it go darlin, everything will be just fine😘

Sending love and positive vibes to you on this fine Sunday!


Elise and Chelsea✨

Diamond Directors

Cruces Connect

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