Mental Health Awareness Month! | Sunday Soul Revival | Cruces Connect

Mental Health Awareness Month!

Hey Sunday Soul sisters, guess what month it is?

Mental Health Awareness month!!!…

Yayyy, claps. We love advocating for mental health, as it's so so very important.

This month we are going to theme our posts towards mental mantras and healthy habits that will help your mental health thrive extra this month.

This week our mental health mantra is:

"I am enough."

Repeat 3 times with a 3 second pause in between each affirmation... 3 times daily this week.

Know you are worthy of anything you could ever have dreamed of. ..  you are enough.

Know that you as you are today, right now in this moment... are enough.

You are enough, and no-thing should ever have the power to make you feel less than that.

Happy May, happy minds.. we love you dearly.


Elise and Chelsea 💛

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