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Hi Sunday Soul Revival Sisters

Hope that your July has been amazing and filled with family time and of course YOU time. 

This Sunday we wanted to remind you to practice perseverance.

What is it really? Hmmm. 

Perserverance to us is to continually try and to keep moving towards your promises and goals no matter the obstacles. Regardless of how big the challenge or intimidating factors are in your goals-you keep working and you keep persevering. 

This week remind yourself that just continually chisseling away gradually and inevitably at the needed efforts you must put in to get to your destination... is all ya gotta do to persevere

The tinest step towards goals is an act of perserverance, and that my friend is AWESOME, remember that!

With the summer heat, and the classic day to day routine of life being on Summer mode, We know that dreams and goals get put on pause… and we here at CC, do embrace the pause BUT... we definitely encourage and support you to persevere

Back to school vibes are entering the air, and with the avoidance of reminding all the kiddos that school is near, we also avoid the reality that some of our things have been ignored for the past couple months. 

Now that August and back to school is creeping in, practice getting back in the mode, pressing go, hopping on the persevere train.

You've got this!

We love you, and can't wait to see what destinations you reach!

Love always,

Chelsea and Elise


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