Principals & Freedom

What principals do you have in life? What do you feel you truly believe and stand by? What are your values? Does the peer pressure of society, close friends, or even family sometimes challenge you to let them fall by the way side? Does your freedom to choose what you believe in get altered when influenced by others?

These questions arise as we think over what's important to your day to day life and how do you stay true to your gut instincts when different variables play a role in situations you're facing?

This week we wanted to focus on those two topics and intertwine them as your principals and your freedom connect and work together fluidy. PLUS-it was just The 4th of July, with the celebration of freedom that inspired us to talk about it!

When the uncomfortable, "Not sure if ya wanna do that!" surfaces within us it's best to navigate it as a deeper beliefs, values, and or principals presenting itself.... And that's okay!

But when this happens its a great time to pause and reflect on those often not so comfortable or fun questions. But it helps you get down to the root of your choices. It brings integrity and priorities into your perspective and allows you to focus on what truly matters. And what will ultimately help move you through your chapters of life.

It's okay to say no to things because you told yourself you were going to solely focus on x, y, and z. It's okay to decide a pay cut is the best thing for you right now, because maybe you have more freedom in your personal life and that is a principal you felt you wanted to fulfill. What if a priority is your family time? If a friend says, you deserve more, you don't have to push yourself to do more to get more if you are content with your life. If a significant other or family member says you need to do this or try this, what happens if your principals don't align or your values don't sync up?

You have the freedom to decide what's best. You have the choice to make the best decision for your life and your principals.

Your principals, your rules, your freedom!

You have the power to do what your heart desires (which is beautiful!).

We are so lucky to have freedom to choose our own values.

This week remember that.

When things get rocky or things get awesomely good, don't let go of your values or principals.

They make you,!! And what better way to live life than that!😘

Hugs and lots of love,

Cruces Connect

Chelsea and Elise

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