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Embracing Challenge

by Elise & Chelsea

Have you ever gotten to a point after you have figured out that one season or way of doing something within your life, that you're met with a yearning to move forward? And then you find there is a challenge in that next step that can bring up a feeling of uncertainty, anxiety or doubt? Its natural that after you get the hang of something  you're wanting to go on to that next level. We always ask, "Okay, now what? Where can I go from here?" After you have learned and gone through all the growing pains of those current lessons within your daily life, we want to find that next thing that will amp up our business, or help our career, relationships, school, knowledge etc. Now that you've been met with this next challenge, task, or circumstance. Do you jump in? Heck yes you do!! ; ) Though I'm sure not everyone feels this way. Sometimes jumping into something unknown is intimidating. No one wants to move on from their comfort zone of what they already know. But what happens when we do dive into that challenge? Growth happens. Growth comes from challenge. From being uncomfortable and vulnerable. Our roots need to be constantly watered, pruned and rejuvenated in order for new growth to appear. To develop a new level of growth within our lives, we have to embrace the challenges we face. Yes, perspectives will be adjusted. There will be a reconstruction of ideas and an obstacle to overcome. But with the embracing of that challenge will bring new opportunities, new ideas, and regrowth. A light will come into your life and shine on the areas that need to be addressed. Everytime I find myself confronted with a challenge, I do my best to say, "Through this I will grow." It's not enough just going through life and the challenges it brings, but growing through them.   Don't be afraid of challenge. Embrace it!! When you embrace challenge, you are embracing your new season of life. You are embracing change. There's more on the other side of the challenge. The challenge is there to help you find your next level, and create a resilience with every step you take forward. What's one challenge you are putting off because you may feel intimidated and uncertain to face it, or afraid to leave your comfort zone? It could be trying to be more positive in your life. Maybe being more intentional with your relationships, school or work. Giving yourself grace when you feel like you're not meeting expectations. Or even sitting yourself down to focus on growing your business and finding your brand. Try moving forward and embracing the growth and lessons it will bring. Think about the areas and new opportunities it can open up. Then just dive in. Don't think twice. Go for it! And soon after you get the hang of that next season, after you made it past those challenges, I know you'll be ready and wanting more! ; ) Shine on Lovelies! xoxo Cruces Connect

Elise & Chelsea

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