Sunday Soul Revival | Things to Remember | Women’s Connecting Company | Las Cruces, NM | Inspiration

This week we would like to share some poems with you! We hope these words can resonate some important truths to practice and remember first week of Spring week. 🌼

Things To Remember

You can not grow, if you are bitter.

You can not bloom if you stay in the darkness.

You can not thrive if you hide behind your fears.

You can not see the light from behind last year's tears.

Forgive any regrets that wallow so deep, let go of your worries that keep you up with no sleep.

Keep your head held high and celebrate your journey. Know in your heart that this is your destined story.

You are worthy of accomplishing all the things you could have ever imagined. Follow your heart as that's the most successful habit.

Be humble.

Be kind.

And shine,shine,shine.


Change Your Perspective

Perspective leads to interpretation what I see in that situation Opportunity can be seen as intimidation or as an invitation. Hurt can be an interruption or you can use it to find compassion within yourself, within your situation, and your progress. You see, your plan may not always look like your expectation. but it's with the uncertain anticipation, the unplanned, the unexpected, that true growth flourishes. it's an understanding of, experiences. Understanding

leads to knowledge, when the interpretation

is acknowledged. How you look at something isn't always what it is.

Find a new view. One where progress will be met with momentum and a solid victory. to magnify the opportunity,

of strength, endurance, will power, and dedication. A new interpretation, change your perception, instead of an interruption act as if it is an invitation.


Chelsea and Elise



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