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Supportive Actions Are Contagious!

We are all linked.

Like this Earth we are all responsible for not only our own being but, we are the ripple effect to others.

Even though the phrase "You do you and I'll do me," is wildly popular and to a certain extent, true...we often forget that we are all connected. So if one person has a problem, we all do. That one person can carry on luggage of emotional baggage which can impact the next unfortunate traveler. It's important to become aware that our actions and our energies are contagious.

So lead and leave the person you are intertwined with, even if for a moment, a glance, a season...

leave them encouraged, supported and loved.

Heal your wounds, say thoughtful prayers, forgive, grant grace, talk yourself into it, talk yourself out of it.

With each day you rise from your bed know your significance. Know your power, know your energy, be aware of your thoughts and actions you exert out into the world.

Is it positive or is it negative?

How can you lead by example?

You may be still hiding in a cave, under a rock...waiting for an invite. When in reality, the moment you took a breath this morning was the welcome wagon and a celebration at that!

So rise and shine, support your connections with the contagious positive and loving energy that uplifts your own personal spirits.

It's guranteed to only ignite more positive lights out into the world.

We are connected and we can support others lights by shinning our own.

Happy connecting! Happy support! Happy energies!

Lots of love,

Elise and Chelsea😘

Diamond Directors


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