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Hello Friends!

Happy Sunday, Happy June, annnddd...Happy SUPPORT month ☺️.

How crazy is it that we have made it halfway through our 2019 journeys?!

Support is a topic Cruces Connect has not really touched upon in depth and what better month than June to do so!

We feel support is an essential in life and we hope to bring awareness to areas of life that need it, don't need it, and where you can give it.

This week, we ask you to dig deep and reflect on your support system aspect of life. It's a blessing to have the push or pull we need in our lives by our support systems. We should practice remembering to value or utilize these systems that ground us with grace.

Ask yourself these questions:

Who is in your corner?

Who is there you can lean on or go to for advice in any and every situation?

Who provides encouragement or advice when you are struggling?

Who is there listening to you?

These are questions that shed light to the things or people that maybe you didnt know you had, or maybe exactly what you have been needing.

Even if you have a different person for every circumstance it's very important to have a strong foundation, a strong support system.

It's okay to want someone in your corner, and it's necessary to have someone there. Because-trust me it is hard to do it alone. It's definitely not impossible, but... you will have so much more growth and motivation if someone is there helping, encouraging, or even just listening to you along the way.

Just like Christy expresses how more than one light will only result in shining brighter- surround yourself by those lights in your life that want you to shine bright, and as a mutually supportive whole ...shine even brighter together.💡💡💎💡💡.

Cheers to 2019 being 6 months old and cheers to the support systems that have been there along the way!


Elise and Chelsea 🌞🌞

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