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Sometimes things don’t always go how you imagined. Then you have those times where things go completely opposite of what you planned. Oh, and those really great times where things just straight up don’t work out.

Yes-all those not so great experiences are not what you hoped for but, they are the mountains you have to keep pushing to climb. These dips in the road you didn’t see coming, are the moments that you may feel like you failed.

RED ALERT : You are NOT a failure, as long as you don’t believe you are. It's not that you failed, it's that your journey is going to involve more practice and lessons than you planned.

This week practice reminding yourself of the lessons you learn from the falls, mess ups, let downs, setbacks and failures.  

Here are some tips to get you out of that, “Ugh I feel like I'm failing” feeling, because that's all it is. It's just a feeling that can be changed with a little perspective shift:

Remind yourself to be “fluid” like water. When plans get messed up, timing is off, things get canceled - try to adapt like water and go with the flow. When water hits a blockade it usually finds a new path to create. It doesn't just stop flowing. Now, I know what your thinking, it's easier said than done. But trust me, if you take a deep breath in the moments of “not going as planned” and just go with the flow, you'll be less stressed than exerting all that energy worrying about how you “failed.”

Good things take time. It takes time and effort to achieve goals. We have to remember that in a time where everything is NOW, sometimes it simply is not going to happen now. It has to take time to flourish. Be Patient

A Lotus must grow through mud. We have to go through the icky stuff to get to the awesome stuff. It's life and things may fall apart, but it’s only for things to fall back together again in a better way.

Failure is a fear and not what you are. Many of us fear failure, but why? A lot of life’s most valuable lessons occur from falling down.

Trust your journey. It’s going to have alternate routes, so enjoy the view along the way! Just because the path is winding and turning in different directions, does not mean you are failing on your desired path. Everyone's journey will look and be different from your own.

Never give up on your aspirations. Even when the heavy side of the balance beam goes KERPLUNK. There is going to be something on the other end that hoists you back up. Just believe in yourself.

“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a beautiful butterfly.”

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